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8 Safety Training Tips at Workplace everyone should follow



A good health is a blessing and a healthy workplace is an addition to that blessing. Having an environment hazardous to health can impact your efficiency at work and cost your family life.

Choosing a workplace is an important decision you take. However, no one themselves chose the environment that is unfit for health and bring down productivity.

But emergencies can happen anywhere. Large organizations have certain policies which are created to ensure human health and safety. It needs to be strongly abided by employees.


Also, after the recruitment, organizations should conduct training programs which should be meant to aware people about the companies’ safety measures.

Here are 8 safety tips one must know. It will help to deal with emergency situations or help you stay alert for future.

  • Keep Your Eye Open: With every job, there are some dangers especially where there are heavy machinery and construction work involved. You must keep yourself alert for instance you can take small measures like maintaining distance from huge machines, avoiding danger areas and lifting heavy weight equipment.
  • Medical Aid: Every organization big or small should keep their medical aid ready. We never know when emergency situations can occur. If an employee can unconsciously injure himself the medical aid will help. However, it is not recommended to collect best medical products for your organization. Ordinary medical products can also help – the agenda should be to keep employee safe only.
  • Safely Handling of Chemicals and Machines: In healthcare operations, hospitals, engineering places machines and chemicals brings danger to human health. Organizations should conduct a proper training to guide their workforce about the safe handling of machines.
    While in healthcare, handling chemicals the wrong way can impact you with diseases or injuries. So, a sheet should be handover to every worker which guide about the handling of chemicals. Seek rehabilitation and medical products in case of emergency situation.
  • Cardiac Arrest or Heart Attack: When a huge number of employees work together anything could happen. Heart Attacks and cardiac arrest are not common in adults’ only, young people and children also seem to be affected by it. Organizations should have devices arranged like Automatic External Defibrillator which treats the sudden cardiac arrest and give electric shocks.
    AED in Singapore has helped improve the survival rate of cardiac patients vastly. If any patient suffers a cardiac arrest or heart attack AED monitors the rhythm of his heart and recommends shocks if required. But, to use this device you need a proper training before.
  • Fire Safety Training: Fire incidents are not an everyday issue, it occurs once in a blue moon or it may not occur at all. But, anything could happen and the best solution is prepared to keep in mind the worst. Organizations can reduce the fire risk by implementing appropriate solutions. Most important is to guide the workforce how to handle this situation. Like if a fire happens, the foremost thing one can do is to activate the fire alarm and then using the emergency gates for the exit. If an employee is trained for this situation, less panic is expected.
  • Be Aware of New Safety Procedures: When organization purchases a new machine, safety guide booklet come with it. Before handling the machine to your workers make sure you go through the safety guide and acquire complete training of your workers. It is your job to clear the queries your employees may have.
  • Frequent Breaks: If you are continuously doing your job without breaks, you will get tired and bizarre of your work. As a result, you’ll be less attentive to the incidents occurring. Frequent breaks will help you to energize and you will return to work proactively. It will also help to you to stay alert of your surroundings.
  • Stay Up to Date: Staying connected to the new policies, rules and regulations reduce the chances of errors and blunt mistakes. Monitor health and safety policies regularly and keep your co-workers updated. It is considered a good way to fosters safety in workplaces.

If your staff met an accident at the workplace, the responsibility comes to your shoulders. You cannot beat the natural disasters but workplace accidents can be treated if you have your solutions ready. In this regard, you can organize health safety programs to save your employees from the accidents.

Moreover, employees also need to stay active and alert at workplace especially when construction work is in the processor in hospitals. The more you will keep your eyes open, the less are the chances to rescue yourself from the hazards.

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