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Bone Marrow Transplant And Related Queries?



best bone marrow transplant specialist in India

Bone marrow transplantation is not an easy process. This takes a lot of time and calculations. The surgeon has to make a lot of speculations before they decide on doing this surgery in a patient.

The basic role of marrow transplant is to replace the damaged cells in a human body with some healthy cells. As a result the body becomes capable enough to make new platelets, blood cells and red blood cells so that they can avoid some bleeding disorders or infection attacks. The best bone marrow transplant specialist in India does this operation with a lot of care and sincerity.

There is a type called allogeneic transplantation. This allogeneic cell transplantation is mainly done to elderly people who do not have a very strong health condition. Here the pre transplant condition does not work very well on the patients as they have poor condition of their body organs. But reduced allogeneic stem cell transplantation may work on their body and give them some relief.

Once the stem cells are collected then only the doctors can proceed for the transplantation. Then they prepare the patient for the transplantation and check their health conditions.

If there is an auto transplant then just before the procedure happens, the patient has to go through some high dose chemotherapy or sometimes they may have to combination therapy with radiation therapy as well. The most common side effect that is noticed in case of auto transplants is the risk of infection from the low levels of white blood cells.

But this bone marrow transplantation has some serious risks as well. There can be some complications which can be life threatening too. But still people go for it because to them, it is the only hope for them to get cured and get a longer life. A bone marrow transplant replaces all the abnormal blood forming stem cells with the healthy ones. According to doctors, most of the infection attacks occur right after the transplantation is done. This happens because there are already some germs present in the body. When the immunity system is strong, this does not affect much but when it becomes weak, the germs start attacking the body. But these infections can also be treated with the help of antibiotics. There can be a drop in blood pressure, pain, sudden nausea and headache. One can also feel a sudden shortness of breath. But all these symptoms are majorly short lived but there can be some complications due to bone marrow transplant. Post 2 weeks of transplantation, the white blood cells start forming in the body again and so they start fighting against the bacterial attacks.

The patient has to get mentally prepared before they undergo this particular surgery. This is not an easy surgery and the complications are also not very light. So, the patient needs to make themselves prepare fully when they decide to go for this.

There are many doctors for bone marrow transplant in India and one should take their help before taking any decision.

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