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Transform your boring Space using Area Rugs from this Flash Sale by Rugs and Beyond



A handmade carpet and rug may be considered as a decorating accessory but in reality, it is an actual foundation of the gorgeous surface. Although, there are many patterns and colors available in market but when we think about purchasing a perfect carpet then our options are limited. A beautiful handmade rug can change the entire look of your room space when you use it in the right way. So find some great ways and advice which are absolutely helpful to find creative ideas to decorate your room around handmade carpets.

For a perfect home decoration, a perfect size carpet is needed. So before installing a carpet or buying carpets, confirm the exact size where you want to place that carpet. If you don’t know the exact size of your room then you can use carpets according to their sizes. First, I am going to discuss about rectangular rugs.

Decorate with rectangular carpets-

  • Small Size Carpets (2’x3’ft- 3’x5’ft) -: These are small sizes for carpets. This is ideal for a kitchen or bedroom as well. You can place it besides the bed in the bedroom. 2’x3’ size carpet you can put on the entry gate or close to your bathroom. Rugs are important for the entry gate because when people enter your home, then they carry dust and mud with their shoes. Hence, a small size, inexpensive rug is important
  • Medium Size Carpet (4’x6’-8’x10’): – This is a medium size for carpets. You can use it for the bedroom, living room or dining room. If you want to put it in the bedroom then first place it and then put the bed on the carpet. Half part of carpet is below the bed and reaming half portion of carpet is shown in the outside of bed. This is the perfect way to place a medium size rug in a bedroom. If you want to place it in the living room then place it in the center of your living room and then put the furniture on it.
  • Large Carpet (9’x12’ – above):- 9’x12’ft size is considered as a big size carpet. If you want to use this size carpet, this is perfect for the living area.
  • Runners: – Runners are perfect for the corridor and kitchen as well. This is depending on the size of runners. Small size like 2’x4’ft or 2’x6’ ft is perfect for the kitchen and the others size runners perfect for the corridor or when you combine two rooms together. You can also put a handmade runner on the dining table for decorating your dining room.

Decorate with circular carpets: – Circular carpets are the latest trends to decorate home interiors. You can use handmade circular carpets for the living room and dining room. If you have round dining table then this carpet is best for you. You can also put it below the coffee table in your bedroom.

Decorate your Stairs: – You can also use a long runner for decorating your stairs. Before buying a carpet for the stairs, measure the total height and width and also measure the height of each step. After that buy a carpet and decorate your stairs.

Decorate room wall: – You can use a handmade carpet for flooring and wall hanging. You can use traditional silk carpet for wall hanging. This protects you from dust and warm air which comes from window and door as well.

Flash Sale by Rugs and Beyond: Rugs and beyond is the best and user friendly online carpet website and sells only handmade carpets. They have a huge collection of designer rugs, antique rugs, tradition carpet, and modern carpets. At the end of May, they are providing flash sale so you can find your dreamed carpet at very reasonable range. If you use coupon code “RNBFLASH18” then you can find up to 60% discounts on your carpet.

So the conclusion is that handmade carpet is the most important accessory which can transform your boring space to a new and beautiful home.

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