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5 Best Reminders Apps That Android Users Can Rely On

How often do we hear someone saying ‘I’m busy’ these days? Yes, that’s something quite common in today’s fast paced world. So, there needs to be something for keeping track of all our important stuff like making appointments, attending weddings and birthday parties, paying bills, taking pills, sending emails and the list goes on. Well, you can free up your mind by assigning these tasks to your smartphone as it can very well remind you of such stuff with the help of some of the best reminders apps available today.

You can even set online alarm, but we recommend that you should rely on a smartphone app because it can be right there with you 24/7 and can be your reliable partner. So, let’s check out 5 best reminders apps available today.

  1. Do

A perfect reminders app with a simple user interface, Any.Do gives you 4 key lists i.e. Today, Tomorrow, Someday and Upcoming. All your reminders are categorized into these lists so that they are easily accessible. There is a ‘+’ sign in front of each of these main lists and tapping this sign can allow you to create a new to-do list for yourself. Similar to other apps, Any.Do offers support for the voice commands. There is an autocomplete feature that predicts whatever you want to write and offers suggestions accordingly. These suggestions are usually based around the nearby places and the tasks that you have entered previously.

  1. Wunderlist

Another cool app with a non-cluttered and minimalistic interface, Wunderlist doesn’t lack anywhere in functionality. Digging a bit deeper into the app will allow you to discover lots of different options. The app not just allows you to set up ‘to-do lists’ but also lets you share lists to collaborate with others as well. In fact, you can also attach photos, presentations, PDFs, and other similar stuff to the tasks for which you are setting up reminders. To begin with, you get some recommendations on lists that you might want to create like Private, Work, Movies to Watch, etc.

  1. Todoist

Todoist is also a cool reminders app that can allow you to be more productive and lets you collaborate with others by sharing tasks, projects and lists. The app also gives you the option to set up location-based reminders that alert you when you reach a particular location. For instance, a reminder can be set for buying milk whenever you’re at your local grocery store. The app comes with quite a decent interface and allows you to have a roundup of your daily or weekly accomplishments with the help of a productivity graph. Some advanced features also come with the paid version of the app.

  1. Google Keep

Probably, one of most famous note taking applications available today, Google Keep allows you to add notes through voice commands or by typing. You may also use images from your phone to create to-do lists as well. Besides, there are some cool customizations available with each note. You can color code the notes for identification, tag them with a particular category, share them through email or any third-party apps, etc. Notes are also accessible from different devices because they are automatically synced to your smartphone, laptop and tablet through Google Keep website.

  1. Remember The Milk

Though the name suggests that the app will remind you of buying milk whenever you’re at the grocery store, you can use it for all other important stuff as well. There are categories like Today, Tomorrow, This Week, All Tasks, and Given To Others so that you can easily navigate through your reminders. The app also comes with easy integration with Google Calendar, Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, etc. There are some customization options available as well. And, if you can afford to go Pro, you’ll be able to access subtasks, syncing with the MS Outlook, and other such features.

So, if you do not want to miss out on important deadlines anymore and want to be as productive as ever, use at least one of these apps on your smartphone and you’ll love the experience for sure. The extensive list of features will help you better organize and be on top of your schedule all the time.


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