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5 Books You Need to Read Before the CISA Exam

If you are one of those fellows planning to sit for the CISA exam this year yet not sure how to prepare yourself and approach the exam, this post is absolutely for you. No matter whether you have signed up for the Best CISA Prep Course or not, some books out there that you can consider as the bible of CISA.

And, here in this particular post, we are going to introduce you to 5 must-read books before the CISA exam. So, let’s get started without further delay!

1.        ISACA’s Official CISA Review manual 26th Edition:

One of the most popular books for the CISA exam preparation is “The CISA Review Manual 26th Edition.” This book is extremely helpful and a must have piece for the students. It includes a comprehensive, assurance, peer-reviewed IS audit and most recent resources of the world.

The book comes with a very detailed information about all the topics and an easy to navigate format along with essential concepts. Besides, you can learn the self-assessment questions with answers and the relationship map of every task that is included in the CISA prep course.

2.        CISA All-in-One Exam Guide:

Another helpful CISA prep exam book is the “CISA All-in-one Exam Guide.” As per the students, it’s very easy to read and memorize because it’s written in a funny way. Candidates who already have gained some knowledge regarding the CISA examination can find it even more helpful as the book includes some important terminologies associated with the topics.

Plus, it is an affordable alternative and way cheaper than the official CISA prep book. Apart from these, there are some important key terms, review questions, prep tasks etc. included in the book which will offer you the chance for a better preparation.

3.        CISA Study Guide:

“The CISA Study Guide” is a popular name among the students enrolled for CISA preparation course. This book includes a very clear and logical information about every topic and the explanations are given here are easy to digest.

Simultaneously, it builds a solid foundation concerning the key concepts of the CISA prep course in a fairly detailed way. It also helps to improve the auditing concept required for the main examination. You can find it on Amazon or in the retail shops very easily and it is a pocket-friendly piece as well.

4.        CISA Review manual:

The “CISA Review Manual”, also known as CRM, is a well-known CISA prep course book. The book is appreciated by the students as it contains all the essential information in the forms of charts and tables that are very useful to memorize.

Besides, the authors include the most recent information in the book and it gets updated every year as well. The book also contains a lot of valuable information and preparation tips about various topics and there is a detailed discussion of each topic which will help you understand every topic clearly.

5.        CISA Exam Secrets Study Guide:

It’s indeed a great investment if you already have this book in your collection. This is a proven ideal CISA prep guide for you as stated by the experts. The book is written by the CISA examination experts and it includes the important vocabulary, key concepts, principles, and procedure of CISA exam. Moreover, the contents contained here are informative and well-organized.

Besides, it offers an analysis of the governance and management of IT along with DVD. The DVD helps in learning the concepts precisely. As the CISA exam is all about your understanding of the logic behind IT auditing, you can expect this book to fulfill your requirements in all the ways. And, last but not least, the book is written in an easy language that everyone can understand the concepts clearly as claimed by many students.

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