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6 Ideas of Rustic Designs to Decorate Your Garden

The garden, that dream space in which, even as part of our home, transports us to remote places to separate us from the mundane, from day to day worries, and allows us to relax and enjoy the moment. As there are many types of gardens and the gardeners in US. Surely, each owner of his or her own different choice. So only, if you fancy a rustic design for your personal garden you can stay to know the following six ideas to decorate your garden:

  1. Wooden Pergola: Trunks

There is no greater sign of identity for a rustic garden than an imposing wooden pergola. Where to take shelter on hot summer days under pergola. Although there are also many best pergolas, no doubt one made from logs is the one that leads a rustic design one hundred percent original.

  1. Pendants and Hanging Plants

And how could it be if, a pergola without hanging plants, vines or a vineyard that protects us from the sun is useless. In fact, a rustic garden carries an air of distance, that the passage of time has been forging the space it occupies. So a plant that involves many years to make it big and strong is what gives that rustic touch and elegant. Therefore, take advantage to place the pergola under a tree, a vineyard or start growing vines around it.

  1. Table And Iron Chairs

Since a rustic design evokes ancient times, there is no better material for chairs and table than iron. A large and heavy iron table crowned by several chairs of the same material is a hallmark of a rustic garden. In fact, the older and older they are (or seem) the better.

  1. Old Wood Banks

Another option is the old wooden benches, iron if possible. Both for the part of family reunion and with friends, as to place them in other corners of the garden as a space to read or be relaxed. Or even in the middle of the road for when you want to rest or observe the nature of your garden.

  1. Hanging Iron Lamps

A beautiful detail that can be hooked in the pergola itself are hanging lamps that illuminate us during the night. Of course, if they are made of iron and with an old air or the evidence of the passage of time … it is always better.

  1. Stone Corner

Having a corner of stone in your rustic garden. For example as a wall in the place where the pergola will be shading your chairs, benches and iron table, is somewhat disposition of how your house is made. However, it is also possible to have a small corner, with benches made of stone, in which to rest, read or relax.

Time for the garden

To have a beautiful and beautiful garden, it is necessary to know in fact what time it will take to making that. Many times, you want to have a movie garden, but in reality you do not have time to keep it, for this reason, you should choose the plants according to this. Which guarantees that the disposition that is had will be sufficient for the necessary cares and gave life to this beautiful garden.

Did you take note of these tips? Ready to apply them in your garden?

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