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Beginners Guide to SEO Training In Short And Easy Way



If you are starting out to be a digital marketing professional then there are various acronyms that you have to learn about in advance. Some of such acronyms are PPC, TOFU, FOMO, SoLoMo, KPI and above all SEO is the most used and heard word for a digital marketer. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is very important for an online marketing professional to know about this technique. It is a marketing discipline which focuses on increasing the organic (non paid and real-time) visitors to the websites. If you are planning to enter into digital marketing then the most important thing is to learn about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You have to get the SEO training in Gurgaon to excel in learning the various techniques of SEO. Know how to start the SEO Training with these simple steps

What is SEO?

Before getting into the training there is a huge necessity to know about the SEO first. If you have ever searched for something online then you do know something about SEO but you are just unaware of it. Usually, there are various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. If you want to search for something then you enter the name of the thing or anything related to it in the form of keywords into the search engine. The search engine will provide you with various results and you open the result that seems most relevant and interesting for you.

Just consider that you are in search of a particular DSLR camera and this is the agenda of SEO about the DSLR camera

  • You want to get the best and rightly suitable DSLR Camera with various features that you want
  • The search engine tries its best to provide you with the relevant and amazing results so that you will come back to search for more things
  • The stores who offer DSLR Camera offline and online will be trying to reach you through the results of the search engine by using some of the SEO techniques

Here there are three characters and each character have some ideas in mind already and are trying to make them successful. All these things can be matched with the help of SEO. The professionals who excelled in SEO will employ various kinds of strategies and techniques to make the website show in the top results of a search engine.

SEO is very important for the companies because if people are able to find the company online then the traffic for the website increases as well as growth can be observed in their businesses. If you are unable to be on online search with lack of SEO then consumers will find your competitor and you will lose the business. So it is important to be available online to improve business.

Factors affecting the search

When you type something in the search box of a search engine then there will be a lot of things happening under the hood. Google is going to consider a lot of things before it equips you with the relevant search results. Maybe it takes less time but there are various things that the search engine will consider beforehand.

  • Your Question-this is the first and foremost thing that is considered by the search engine. There are some people who don’t have enough knowledge of English but the search engines will try their best to provide results for them also. If you search for any currency conversion, the search engines directly show the currency conversion on your screen without any need of opening other websites. If you search for some products the search engines will take you to the product directly. This is how the search engines work.
  • Your location-Not only your question but also your location is very important for the search engine before it provides any results. If you search for best restaurants around you then you will get the list of restaurants which are near to you.
  • Personalized Results-If you are on Google Plus and the person you follow or the one who follows you have some article on the web and when you searched for that with the keyword, then the first result that you will get is the Google Plus one as it is a personalized result.
  • Sharing of the Article-the posts which are shared online are the ones that will take the top place in the search results
  • Your Device-if you are on a laptop then search engines provide you with the full content while you are on phone they will provide you with shortened and summarized content


The SEO makes sure that your website is par with all these factors and will try to make the website the top search result. The SEO training in Gurgaon will make sure that you will get the best in class training and become the best SEO specialist.

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