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Birthday Gifts for Best Friends:

Finding perfect birthday gifts for your best friend is not an easy task, especially if you have known them for a long time. Getting a thoughtful and useful birthday gift that is suited to their personality and lifestyle is essential. After all, they are your best friend and you know them better that anyone else! With the pressure building to get a perfect birthday gift, it can get quite stressful to figure out a great birthday gift your bestie will appreciate and use on a daily basis. That is why, we have created an exhaustive list of unique, quirky, practical and thoughtful birthday gifts that your best friend is bound to love.

  1. Concert Tickets:
    If your best friend is a music junkie, this is one of the best birthday gifts that you can give them. Concert tickets make for a great birthday gift as you are gifting them a great time with their favorite band or artist. The bonus is that it also comes with hanging out with their best friend (which is you!).To make the occasion extra special, consider getting spots closer to the stage and, of course, special backstage passes.
  2. Polaroid Camera:
    If your best friend is someone who reminisces about old times or who likes everything that is retro, send them a polaroid camera as a birthday gift. With the resurgence of vintage instant cameras, polaroid cameras are fairly easy to find. Having a nostalgic feel to it, polaroid cameras capture the charm of photography during the 80s and 90s – one picture at a time.
  3. Sheer Coat:
    If your best friend is someone who does not have something flirty and fun in her wardrobe, gether a sheer coat. Extremely Versatile, sheer coats can be found in many lengths, patterns and colors. Wholesale clothing catalogues offer typically very trendy pieces of clothing as well as very affordable, making them a great choice for stores looking to stock up.The best thing about sheer coats is that it elevates any kind of outfit and can be worn on any occasion.
  4. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser:
    This is a great birthday gift for your best friend if they are someone who works a high stress job. The way an aromatherapy oil diffuser works is to turn essential oils into vapor that is sprayed inside a room. Depending on the essential oil you use, the essential oil vapor can be used to calm the nerves while relieving stress. You could also gift a pack of essential oils to go with the aromatherapy oil diffuser.
  5. A Tiny Plant:
    If your best friend is looking to grow their home garden, then there is no better birthday gift than a tiny plant. Depending on the climate and their maintenance routine, you can choose from a wide range of plants.To make it more special, you can also choose to gift a plant with blooming flowers. If your best friend is a first-time gardener, consider gifting organic fertilizers, potting mix or a gardening set along with a potted plant.
  6. Quirky Coffee Mug:
    Is your best friend a coffee lover? Then, a great birthday gift for your best friend is a quirky coffee mug. Whether you choose a quirky coffee mug shape or a coffee mug with quirky quotes, your best friend will appreciate it a lot. To take it a step further, go ahead and gift them a set of matching quirky coffee mugs. You can also gift a quirky coffee mug along with a packet of specialty coffee or their favorite brew.
  7. A Journal:
    Sometimes, the simplest birthday gift is among the best ones. If your best friend likes to write down their thoughts or likes to doodle, then give them a journal on their special day. Go for a journal that comes with a tiny lock. That way, the journal acts like a personal diary as well. You can also gift them a set of special edition pens or markers to go with the journal.
  8. Cute Shirtdress:
    If your best friend’s wardrobe does not have a shirtdress, then this is a birthday gift she will eternally be grateful for. Cute and comfortable, shirt dresses are long shirts that can be worn as dresses. Available in many prints, lengths and styles, shirt dresses can be worn to the office, a fancy event, a casual get-together, for a fun evening and anywhere in between.A great birthdaygift will be a shirtdress that oozes loads of personality and one that can be easily styled. So, a good choice will be a stripped loose-fitting shirtdress that ends at the knees as the simple design makes it possible to be styled in any way and to be worn anywhere.
  1. TravelTickets:
    To spend some special bonding time with your best friend, go on a trip together. It could be anything from a road trip within the country to a week-long vacation at your best friend’s dream travel destination. As a birthday gift, you could pay for the travel tickets. It would be better to let your bestie know about your plan, to ensure a smooth trip that the both of you will enjoy.After all, best friends who travel together, stay together!
  2. Personalized Photo Album:
    This is an extremely beautiful and touching birthday gift idea, especially if your best friend has reached a milestone age. Filled with all the pictures of the times you both spent together, a personalized photo album is something your best friend will greatly appreciate and cherish. You can also create a personalized scrap book that contains pictures and things you both created together.

When picking a birthday gift for a best friend, the criteria that needs to be fulfilled are that the gift has to be practical, sentimental and, maybe, a bit goofy.Digging out the ideal birthday gifts for best friends can be a time and energy consuming task. While there are many ideas to choose from, it can still be quite hard to narrow down the perfect birthday gift that shows you care about your best friend. However, with our list of uniquely practical and meaningful birthday gifts to choose from, you can now pick wonderful birthday gifts that will touch your best friend’s heart.

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