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DIY Crafts for Kids

The craft projects for kids has proven to be a viable option for any parents to let their kids discover their hidden talent and have fun at the same time.

So, if you are not sure about how to keep your kids busy with something creative and enriching, then let us help you out.

There are many DIY crafts for kids that can be great fun which also prove to be a great learning experience.

Let’s take a look at the DIY crafts for kids, that would offer an exciting way for your child to involve self in something useful and growth-oriented. A bonus DIY craft idea is also there at the end of the article, make sure not to miss it out.

Stamped Shirt:

The DIY crafts prove to be a great activity for kids. It enables them to make something out of a material which is not in use and is easily available at their home.  An old T-shirt is one of them.

Materials used :

  1. White or a light coloured plane T-shirt or a skirt
  2. Different acrylic colours of your choice.
  3. A potato or a capsicum.


It is very easy to make. Slice a capsicum or a potato in half. Also, pour in the acrylic colour on a quarter plate, you may choose a cooler our choice. Adding different colour will make your t-shirt look more peppy or joyful. Now place your sliced part of the potato or the capsicum in the acrylic filled colour plate and then punch it on the T-shirt. Try to play with different combinations and design. Your first DIY project is complete.

Mini Magic Garden:

A mini magic garden is a perfect DIY project that would help your kid to connect with nature and create a beautiful garden all by himself.

Material used :

1) an empty pot

2) Soil- manure

3) Small pieces of rocks

4) Flower buds

5) Some glitter with a small sized house and gardening tools.

Method :

Take the empty pot and fill it with soil and plant the flower buds of as many types as you want. Place the mini house which you can pick from the old toys and stuff, add few pieces of rocks, then sprinkle some glitter over the house. Your DIY is ready to be watered.

Make a Family Tree:

Making a family tree is an emotional DIY craft idea for kids and the entire family. It helps them to connect with their roots and extended family. Moreover, it is a project that they will cherish forever.

Material Used :

1) A white sheet

2) Green watercolour

3) A pencil to draw the tree.

Method :

Create a big tree and its branches with the help of a pencil. Now make use of your thumbs dipped in green colour to draw the leaves. Now put the names or even pictures of all the relatives on the tree and your family tree is ready to show your talent.

Foam Paint:

If your kid loves making different shapes and characters, the foam paint can prove to be a useful DIY craft for kids.

Material used :

1) A foam paint that is safe for kids to use.

2) A piping bag

3) White paper and a pencil.

Method :

Draw an image or character which you want to paint with foam on the paper. Then get the piping bag filled with the foam paint and use it on the drawn image or character. Keep the paint untouched throughout the night. This will harden the paint and will give it a structure like a look. Thus, it is a kind of a masterpiece that your kid can show off to everyone.

BONUS DIY Idea  – Space Crayons:

Your child loves planets and stars and wants to make them on his own. So bring out his old crayons, break them into smaller pieces and put them into the moulding pot with some glitter over them. Then microwave them for just five minutes at 140 degrees Celsius and your kids’ stars are ready to dazzle the world. Of course, you need to do microwave part of this DIY and let the other stuff done by your kid.

To sum up, these DIY craft ideas for kids are high on the parameter of fun, creativity and experimentation. Moreover, these DIY crafts give your child an opportunity to learn something new and cool. So, let your child enjoy these DIY crafts and feel happy to see them satisfied with their crafts.

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