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Everything You Wanted to Know About Stencils.

What is Stencil?

The stencil is a device used to apply designs, patterns, or number to the surface. It consists of the thin metal sheet of metal, cardboard or other material on which figures, designs or logos have been cut out. By applying color substance or ink on the top of the stencil, you can sketch logos, numbers, etc.

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4 Reasons to Choose Stencils Over Wallpapers:

  1. Wallpapers can damage your wall paint, yes! You heard it right no matter how they say every time that you can remove it with ease, but this is not true. Once it up for years it is hard to rip it off and if you try to scratch the surface of the wall then you might damage your wall paint.
  2. Once you put the wallpaper, you cannot change until the following year because it is expensive. While if you choose to use a stencil, you can change the taste of your wall with less budget as compared to wallpaper.
  3. You can use stencils for multiple times. But first, make one thing clear stencils can be expensive. It depends on the type of design and the size, and you can also use custom stencils.
  4. Stenciling is the fastest and the easiest way to make simple things looks fabulous. Most of the woodworkers prefer stencil design on furniture over one solid paint. It is an excellent way to contrast or highlight parts of furniture, fabrics, walls, floors and much more.

How to Use Stencils? 5 Simple Step Guide:

Step 1

Pick the right stencil, since all stencils are not equal. Some stencils are custom made while some use number stencils UK. You need to find the one which is suitable for your needs.

Step 2

Find the right thing to use the stencil. Some surface is more comfortable to stencil then others. If you wish to use a stencil on the surface which is round in shape, then it will prevent the stencil from lying flat. All this type of round surface needs plastic stencil however if you are beginner we recommend you to use the flat surface instead of round. It will be much more comfortable for you to work on flat rather than the curved surface.

Step 3

Plan where to start, people usually start from the corners of the wall, and if you want to paint the furniture, then I recommend you to start by placing the stencil on center of the furniture depending upon how you want your design to look.

Step 4

Use a spray adhesive or painters tape to secure the movement of stencils. Make sure to fix it correctly to avoid messy work.

Step 5

You can use stencil brush or roller to paint, but make sure that you are using light pressure on it. Stencils brush are fantastic to get the work done professionally, but at the same time, rollers can do the job more quickly. If you are using a foam roller, then make sure to load the right amount of paint on it, do not overload the roller. It is okay to go for a double coat then to do a messy work.

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