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Healthcare tourism in India and its effectivity




Medicine in India

India always has been the place where youth is very much active in all forms of the life and the society. This youth is the power of the Indian society. They are the backbone that gives a beautiful yet a very much dynamic balance to the Indian society. Indian youth is also very much intelligent. The standard of studying and education in India is very much advanced and the students are very much good as they are well able to compete with the world’s population. In every field of study, Indian have done prosperity to themselves at national as well as on the international level. Medical science is also very much prosperous in India. Medical science, be it a term of surgery, therapy, drugs manufacture and also in terms of research and development, Indians are now on the front race. In India, many research centers are doing many good types of research about different medical problems and the results are also very much good and the usage of them gave almost good results also. Other than that many Indian researchers and scientists are doing very well in different research centers all around the world. The doctors are also very much in tandem with the gaining name and recognition not only nationally but also in a global aspect.

The concept of Medical Tourism

In India, many doctors are present with the vast amount of career experience in different field. They have studied and practiced in best universities either in the world or at the national level. And thus they do a very good diagnosis of each and every disease of the patients and therefore they provide good treatment to the patients those come to them. Indian scenario of the socio-economic background is somewhat different. India definitely belongs to the third world country where the pain population of the country is under the below poverty level (BPL). They don’t get good food and also complete food. So they are the main of the country who suffer from the malnutrition or anemia. In rural India and in the extreme rural side of India the medical facility is also not so much developed. There are hospitals and the health centers run by the government are not very much developed and the doctors posted there are also not well read. The technical facility is also not good in those areas. The concept of medical tourism started from this. Where the peoples of rural India comes up into the cities in hope for good treatment so that their near and dear one becomes healthy and fine.

Medical Tourism

Healthcare tourism in India is very much common. This is primarily because the rural people don’t get good treatment which results in very high fatality rate in very simple diseases. They regularly travel to different cities for good treatment in the manageable amount they can’t afford private hospitals.


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