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How to promote an iOS App

Are you sitting around hoping that the users will automatically migrate to your iOS app, download and be a regular user? Think again. As we all know, the Competition is fierce. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s essential to have the user-engagement strategy before launch. That’s the same thing done before the traditional product launch.

Since your iOS App has been completed by iPhone developer Dubai and is ready to go up live on the app store, here comes the next step. You need to have a perfect marketing strategy to promote iOS apps to get sales in the App Store. For that, you need to follow a few important steps. So let’s dive in;

Make it worth it

Let’s keep it simple. If your app doesn’t get people excited about using it, it’s the perfect time to stop here. If it’s got that igniting power and enough potential to make a difference to the industry, go for it. All you need first is a clear idea of what you’re up to. Make sure that you invest a lot of time and energy into creating a great product.

Communicate the Value

Giants of this industry recommend that you should create the marketing video for your app at first before it has even been developed. The major reason behind this idea is, if you can’t communicate the value of your iOS App in a few seconds let’s say 30-sec, you shouldn’t invest your time and money into it. Develop app is a huge investment. So just brainstorm before your brain turns into a storm.

Cool App Icon

At first, it’s about grabbing user’s attention. So it’s not just about the user but potential buyer. Here’re a few things you’re potential buy would first see about your app; App Name, Price, Icon, Rating, and Company Name. The most prominent of these would be App Icon as it’s a Colorful visual. It would work as a tiny little billboard/poster that will help sell your app. So make sure that the icon properly represents your app.

Relevant Keywords

Thankfully, you are allowed to describe your application in 100 Characters. It’s the best time to add relevant keywords. For sure, these will be used for searches inside the app store supporting the ASO (App Store Optimization) of your iOS Application. Be Mindful of following;

  • Don’t include the app name as a keyword.
  • Separate keywords using comma
  • Research Keywords through Google Keyword Planner.
  • Change the app name or keywords if need be.

Significance of a Launch

Keep in mind, the success of your iOS app depends on a successful launch. So just plan it thoroughly. First, use the marketing channels you have access to already for example; the social network through Facebook or Twitter, and existing email lists, etc.

Next Move, identify the sites that have similar audience who, you think, would be interested in downloading your app. The best place to start with is review websites. Make sure to select the sites most relevant to your niche. It would inevitably turn up lucrative for you.


Do you want to learn more about some effective ways to promote your iOS App? Just check out the article now


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