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How to Sell Your Old iPhone and Get a New One on the Cheap In 2018

With the news and rumours regarding the upcoming Apple iPhones, iPhone users and fans everywhere are selling and buying their iPhone devices today. The most obvious reason is the reduced prices. Whenever the new iPhone models hit the markets, the prices of all previous models automatically go down. So, if you have an old version iPhone then it is the best time to sell it and buy the latest one. It will give you a chance to make some money that you can use for purchasing a new iPhone of your choice.

Now the question is that how to sell old iPhone and get a new one. There are many ways to do this but the best and easiest way is to sell and buy iPhone online. That’s right I said online. With this option, you can get the best deal for your iPhone in the comfort of your home.

Let’s take a peek at the four best ways that can serve you for both buying and selling an iPhone.

UK Mobile Networks

Almost all major mobile phone carriers offer some kind of trade-in and phone recycling schemes. If you want to sell your old iPhone, you may be offered cash depending on the condition of your old iPhone. A good-looking yet functional iPhone can fetch the most money.

O2’s Refresh scheme is gaining popularity nowadays since it allows you trade-in your iPhone at any phase of your contract to assist you to cover the cost of your new phone. This means when you trade-in your phone under O2 Refresh, the cash you earn is used for paying off your new device plan and to pay the remaining cost, you have to sign up a new contract.

Alternatively, you can also use O2 Recycle if you want to finish your contact with the company. Under this Programme, O2 buys your old phone, valuing it according to its model and condition.

If you could not find the suitable deals with O2, you can consider Vodafone. The company has a similar trade-in program letting you replace your old iPhone with the latest one. Simply head over to the Vodafone Trade In Website, enter your model or IMEI number and you will get a price valuation of your handset to choose. Furthermore, you can also take a look at trade-in- Programmes offered by two other major network Three, and EE.

eBay and Amazon

At the present time, there are numerous auction and classified websites that can let you list your old iPhone for sale, but eBay and Amazon are certainly the biggest ones. So, you can consider them if you are thinking of selling your iPhone.

With the help of these two popular websites, you can directly find a potential buyer willing to pay you a great price for your old iPhone. However, you should keep in mind that eBay is a great place for scamming people so be aware of scammers while selling your iPhone.

Conversely, when you use Amazon Trade-In Program for selling your phone, you should take into account that you will have to pay some charges during the sale process which will reduce the amount of cash you receive in return.

Remember, you can also find out the best deals on both eBay and Amazon if you are wandering for purchasing a new iPhone.

Recycling Websites

Another popular option to sell iPhone is recycling websites. Such kind of sites not only help you get rid of your old phones but also give you a chance to promote the green environment. Recycling websites aim to buy your old and even damaged phone of any make and pay you from them. Some of the top-rated recycling firms are Music Magpie, Mazuma Mobile, FoneBank, SellSmartForCash, and iPhone Recycler where you can sell your mobile phone for recycling and generate some generous amount. You can invest the money you earn in a new handset.

Not sure which one should you choose? SellTheMobile is a useful UK based comparison website that gives you a quick and fair comparison of top recycling sites so that you can easily avail the topmost deal for your old or broken iPhone.

Apple Store

If you are interested in buying a brand new iPhone as well as want to sell your old iPhone then you should consider the Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Programme. Under this Programme, you will be able to trade-in your iPhone after making 12 payments for this device and then you can sign up a new contract for covering the cost of the iPhone you purchased. Through this scheme, you can get the hands on your desired iPhone without hurting your monthly budget or bank account. As well, another advantage of this Programme is that your new iPhone is covered under AppleCare+ warranty.

Moreover, Apple Inc. also offers Recycling Programme for the eco-friendly disposal of old iPhones. If you want to end up the contract with this tech giant, you can opt for it and earn some money by presenting your old iPhone for recycling.

A Short Note on Mobile Phone Recycling- Don’t Miss It!

It is highly recommended that you should sell your old phone for recycling. Mobile phone recycling not only does you a favour for getting the most cash possible for your old iPhone but gives you an opportunity to help the Environment. As you may know, electrical devices, such as mobile phones and tablets all contain detrimental materials that can contaminate air, soil, and water supply for years to come if they are merely thrown away to end up in landfill sites somewhere. These gadgets also contain valuable metals which can be extracted through a recycling process. This means less resources and less energy is required for producing some new products. And the last but not least, you get cash reward in return when you sell your old phone for recycling.

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