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How To Use Your Smartphone Without Leaving a Trace Cover Your Digital Footprints



How to use your smartphone without leaving a trace Cover your digital footprints

How to use your smartphone without leaving a trace Cover your digital footprints: Every time you participate in a group chat to grab your phone, watch a youtube video, or search the internet, you leave a digital mark of activity. This footprint can lend your device next to a friend to settle their privacy. It also puts your personal information at risk, your phone should actually fall into unscrupulous hands.

In this guide, how can we prevent your device from logging and storing that data, where others can fill it easily. We will focus on cleaning your local storage of phones, as opposed to limiting the information that apps send to the cloud.

Go incognito

Restricts a data-secret or private mode on your phone, such as a web browser, on your computer. When you open a session in this mode, the app will forget the pages that you visit and search the keywords as you close the window.

However, private browsing is not invisible to you. For example, if you log in to Facebook’s web portal in incognito mode, then the social network will record your activity. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will also see your browsing, and it can log in as well as your online behavior. To hide your browsing from your ISP, you will need to rely on a virtual private network (VPN) (security gadget and more on this roundup of application). But if you have the goal of clearing the record left on your phone’s local storage, then after this mode tidies themselves very effectively.

The procedure to use this mode will depend on the browser application you prefer. For example, to launch Incognito mode with Chrome, tap the menu button (three dots) at the top right of the page and select the new incognito tab. If you forget to browse incognito, you can still clear your saved data. Simply press Menu> Settings> Privacy> Clear Browsing Data.

For Safari-based iPhone users, tap on the Show Page icon (two squares) at the bottom right of the screen and choose Private. Now, when you tap the plus button to open a new window, it will be a secret. To erase the collected data outside of Private mode, open the Settings app and select Safari> Clear history and website data.

Delete message

Unless you use the Chat app with self-destructive messages, it will keep a record of your conversation. Of course, most people like to check back on their old communication, but you do not need to conserve every moment-long thread. You can manually delete these old conversations, or try less time-consuming options: Automatically erase chat history after a specified time period is over.

On iOS, open the Settings app, go to Message> Keep messages and set the message to automatically disappear after 30 days. Within the app itself, you can manually erase the conversation from the front screen: swipe left on the thread and then tap the delete button.

Unfortunately, not all chat apps provide this auto erase function. To leave a trace of the conversation on your phone, you may have to turn on to delete manually. It can be time-consuming, but it’s not difficult. For example, in the default SMS app on Android, you delete a conversation by long pressing on it, and then tap the trash icon at the top right of the screen.

Some apps make it easy to erase your entire history altogether. In the case of WhatsApp, open Settings> Open an app and head to chat> Chat history> Delete all chats. Then check back regularly to make a note and erase your latest message again.

Only sending aforementioned self-destructive messages for an end solution. With this option the app includes Telegram Messenger, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. For more information, check out our guide for self-destruct message application.

Limiting app logging

Each of the apps on your phone will take a different approach to enter your activities. Some of them do you to avoid your gaze using incognito mode, while others will ask you if you stop tracking.

For example, the Android version of YouTube (This is not yet available in the iOS version) has just been added to an incognito mode, which does not track the videos you watch. To activate this mode, open the app, tap your avatar on the upper right side of the screen, and select Turn on the occult.

On the other hand, Google Maps will track your location by default, which lets you store a lot of data about your real world movements. To prevent this, head for settings: Start the application, tap the menu button (three lines) at the top of the screen, and hit the settings (on Android) or the tooth icon (on iOS). Within settings, select individual content and turn off the Location History feature.

There are millions of apps on the market, with no difficult and fast rules about how to keep them from recording their behavior. But in general, a good first step is to check for aforementioned settings-incognito mode and stop tracking.

If you do not get these options, then you have to manually clear your activity. This process will be frozen on the basis of your operating system.

Open Settings> Apps & Notifications in Android, select an app from the list, and hit Storage> Clear Storage. This app locally stores all data that wipes. After this, the app will behave as if you have installed it from scratch, then you will need to log in again, set your preferences, and so on.

On iOS, you will not get the same option, but you can get the same effect by uninstalling and reinstalling an application. Open the Settings app, tap General> iPhone Storage and select one of your apps. Then select Delete application to erase all its data. Finally, install the program from the App Store again.

It is not very practical to do this for all of your apps every day. But you can choose to run a manual clean-up at set intervals (called once a month), before you travel, or whenever you want to start with a fresh start.

Delete search history

Many mobile apps store data locally and in the cloud, so that they can sync your information on another device. This means, to clear search logs from your phone, you will have to wipe records across multiple platforms.

For example, your Google Account will store the history of searches you have run from your Android phone. To erase these records, you really have to gain access to them from the web. Open your browser and promo on your Google Activity History page. Click the menu button (three lines) in the upper left, then delete it by activity. Set the time range and content type – To erase everything, they should be all the time and search, respectively – and click Delete. This will erase your search history in all Google-linked products you use, including the Android and google search engine.

On iOS, you will not find a comparable activity cleaner However, you can stop spotlight by deceiving your past searches by displaying them as suggestions. To turn off this feature, toggle the suggestions in Head, Siri & Search Fail, and Closed Search Switch on the Settings app. Now, when you look at something to lend your phone to your mother, she will not see all her past search terms.

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