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Importance of safety switches

Safety switches are essential components that monitor the movement of current through your electrical wiring. These devices help to detect differences in the power, cutting it off if there is a leakage or overload, helping to avoid potential risks of electrical fire or other injuries like electrical burns and fatal electrical shocks to your employees or family members.

So, how significant is it to install safety switches in your electrical system? Should you need some, you can find a wide range at RS Components. Let us take a look at the importance of installing safety switches in your office or commercial establishment. 

Protection for your employees

The larger benefit of a safety switch in your property is that it will ensure the safety of your employees. A sudden electrical surge can result in a huge risk like sparks, fire and electrical shock which could be harmful and sometimes fatal. But with a safety switch in place, any issue will be addressed fast by shutting down the power which can certainly save lives.

Protection for your equipment

When electrical issues like overloads or leaks occur, there is a large risk for your machines or equipment to get damaged. With safety switches in place, it is easy for you to disable the process immediately before it can do further harm to the equipment.

Prevent short circuit and overloading

All major equipment requires a safety measure in order to reduce the risks when anything goes wrong. To protect your electrical system against short circuits and overloading, you need to install safety switches. These components are vital because they can shut off the electrical currents when they are unstable preventing short circuits and overloading.

Detects faulty appliances

There are chances that an old electrical device or a faulty appliance can leak extra current. When an appliance is heavily used, wear and tear in the circuitry, frayed wiring, or broken cords would not just ruin your appliance, but could also cause an electrical shock. To save you from the harm, safety switches will trip when they detect an excess flow of current in a faulty appliance eventually shutting off the power in it. 

Helps to identify damaged wiring

Insulation on an electrical wire diminishes and gets damaged over time. But how do you know when your wires are damaged? Damaged wires give less resistance and, as a result, are a bad path for electricity. A safety switch can sense fluctuations and will immediately cut off the power supply which reduces the risk of sparks and electrical shocks. And once you identify the damaged wires, you can easily rewire them.

Safety switches should be installed on all circuits as an extra line of defence for all offices and commercial buildings. You also need to maintain and test your safety switches regularly by your electrician. If your office or home does not have safety switches installed or you are replacing electrical panels or completing other electrical modification work, you would need to secure your electrical system with a safety device. 

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