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Reasons why television bulletin would never lose its charm despite having news sites

India and for that matter, the entire world is undergoing rapid digitization. People are shedding old norms and ways and moving towards embracing newest trends and new fashions. The rapid and huge use of the internet has made people abandon age-old ways and methods in almost all spheres of life. From buying food to reading the newspaper, everything has become an online process. People these days hardly have to put in any physical labor to get any stuff done. It has supposedly made lives easier and less time- consuming. Everything is just a click away.

Over the last few years with a manifold increase in online Indian television news, people are more prone to visiting news sites than listen to television bulletins. A number of online news portals and e-news are available that people resort to for instant news updates. With an increase in the use of the internet, the use of television has faced a steady decline over the recent years.

There are times when you don’t even need to visit any news sites as social media is flooded with every news update. Besides it, people flurry such social media sites with thousands of comments about every incident happening all around the world. So even if you are unaware of any particular news, one click on ay social media site can provide you with the latest update regarding everything happening around you.

However, no matter how much the internet has advanced our lives there are certain things which are best in its old forms. For example, our very own news bulletins. There is a certain nostalgic charm about those news bulletins that the recent news sites can never provide us with. News bulletin is a short broadcast of any news report.

The charm and beauty of certain things can never be replaced. Whenever we talk about news bulletin our entire childhood flashes in front of our eyes.  The bulletin being broadcasted during particular times of the day on Doordarshan carries us back to our old days and rejuvenates our childhood memories. The specific artistic way in which news readers would read out the various news was a treat to the eyes and ears. The best part of news bulletin was that it had a section for the specially abled people too. In one such section, a reader would read the news and a sign language interpreter would enact the entire thing for people who can’t hear. This is a wonderful gesture that today’s news sites can never offer us.

Moreover news sites these days have an overt tendency to sensationalize every news in a dramatic way.It somehow alters the actual effect of the news. This was something that was never one by the news bulletin. The Particular news was being produced and read out with the accurate amount of emotional precision needed. These days yellow journalism is exceedingly replacing authentic journalism, thanks to an exuberant use of the internet.

During our childhood days watching the news bulletin with our fathers was like a ceremony. It enhanced the connection with our parents and we could also get some excellent commentaries and tips from our fathers and brothers about certain incidents. Watching the news over the dinner table together was a moment we eagerly waited for. However, these days with an increase in the use of internet people have become a social recluse and as a result, don’t spend quality time with family and friends. Today’s generation will never know the charm and the taste of listening to the news bulletin together with the entire family. Everybody is glued to either their smartphones or laptops and tabs and feel all powerful because they are just one click away from any information they need from all over the world.

Although India is being digitalized with growing years, classical norms can never grow old and lose its charm. News bulletin is one such classical stuff that can never grow out of fashion. The earlier generation can still make us accustomed to the prolific charm that is associated with age-old news bulletins. I think there are certain things in life where we shouldn’t make an attempt to bruise it with latest fashions.

We should make an attempt to restore its nostalgic and classical charm and in this way, it would provide us with more authenticity and happiness. So no matter how big a fan of the internet you are, I would suggest you listen to the news bulletin every day. You yourself will realize the difference between today’s online news sites and the charm of news bulletins.Theinternet and social media these days are full of online Indian television news, however, if you want a feel of the old days do listen to the news bulletin.

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