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Seven Car Repairs You Should Leave To The Pros


Regardless of how enthusiastic a car lover you may be or how many times you might have fixed stuff, some vehicle repairs are best left to the professionals. Of course, making minor repairs yourself can help save some bucks. However, if you put forth your safety concerns, you’d conclude that it is best to get the car repair work done by an expert.

Also, fixing a problem unprofessionally can culminate in numerous other issues due to an error in the repair work. You might think that we buy any car while choosing a ride for yourself. However, this does not apply to car repairs. Statistics show that people who own old cars tend to understand that as they execute a reasonable behavior toward spending on car maintenance.

Here is a look at seven car repairs that you should hand over to the pros:

  1. Paint touch up

This might seem like a relatively simple job to do. Alas, it’s not as easy as painting the fence. The paint application is a messy, and time-consuming work. On top of that, the paint fumes can be harmful in the event of extended exposure.

Amateur car painting can result in a plethora of issues such as improper clear coats, and poor coverage. Also, today’s vehicles require exterior finishes that include 2-3 coats of sealer or paint. This can be complicated to handle in your garage, as you might not be able to find the right matching colors. Therefore, it is best to leave the paint repair work to the experts who have proper Power Tools, materials, and expertise.

  1. Bodywork

Your car’s body-work demands a lot of effort. It could be that a few dents are to be fixed or your vehicle has been in an accident. In both cases, you cannot handle this repair work in your garage. You may knock out a dent or two, but you will not be able to manage any significant bodywork properly.

Over and above that, body panels can be heavy to handle. Replacing or removing these yourself can result in injury due to the lack of right tools. Attempts to change body panels can also chip in aesthetic and structural issues for your vehicle in case of any mistakes. Since your car repair aptitude is limited, it’s best to get this job done by the repair gurus.

  1. Windshield repair

With all the DIY windshield repair kits available these days, you might think that you have this job under your belt. But, you need to keep in mind that a cracked windshield or an improperly replaced windshield is synonymous with danger. In fact, any cracks in the windshield, whether visible or not, are dangerous.

Consequently, the task of fixing a windshield on your own is dotted by a plethora of risks. To begin with, there’s the risk of leakage due to improper or insufficient sealing. There is also the risk of damage to the windshield. A minor crack can lead to a major setback. Thus, a professional windshield replacement for a high-quality outcome is best. There is also a warranty that comes with the work. It has your back if there’s anything wrong with the expertly-installed windshield.

  1. Airbags

It’s better to spend some cash than to take on the risks of working on or around airbags. You can accidentally deploy these safety bags while working around them. This is not only messy but expensive and dangerous as well. Airbags are packed with explosive charges. These allow them to deploy within seconds of an impact to save both the driver and the passenger in a crash.

This explosive power makes it challenging to work on airbags unless the right safety measures are taken. So, if you have any work near the steering wheel or the dashboard, you should head to a vehicle repair workshop. You should also approach the pros in the event of your car’s airbag light switching on for no reason.

  1. Balance and rotate tires

Driving on an unbalanced tire is a risk that you better avoid. The NTSB reveals that 500 individuals die annually in tire-related vehicle crashes. Roughly 19,000 more are injured every year from tire problems that are preventable. With this information snippet in the background, it is better to get your tire problems sorted by professionals.


Anyone can jack his car and replace the tires. But, that’s a job not well done because tire rotation includes checking any uneven wear, searching for damage, and re-balancing the wheels. All these activities demand expensive equipment, and trained personnel. In case of working on this job manually, you are more likely to be driving on unbalanced wheels. It also inflicts greater damage to your tires or the risk of losing one while driving at high speeds.

  1. Transmission

Transmission is an integral component as it encourages the engine to operate efficiently and switch gears at different speeds. Consequently, if it does not work well, you and the passengers are at serious risk.

There’s also a chance that the transmission is significantly damaged instead of being mildly damaged. In some instances, it requires a rebuilt. Only a mechanic can deal with this job. He will have to take apart the transmission and find out which needs to be replaced.

  1. Air conditioner recharge

Your car’s air conditioning is a sealed system. Any subsequent problem means that there is a leakage somewhere. By planning on filling the system with Freon, you are essentially putting a band-aid on the issue without solving the problem. For one, you aren’t treating the problem precisely. Secondly, handling Freon prematurely comes with environmental concerns. Thirdly, if the amount of compression lube isn’t correct in the system, then the gas can ignite and burn the compressor.

What’s more is that a typical A/C works under high pressure, which makes it difficult to handle it without taking the necessary safety precautions first. Recharging your car’s A/C is also fraught with problems that multiply if you don’t follow the right steps or use the correct refrigerant. It can lead to extensive damage that leaves the air conditioning useless. Hence, leave the work to the professionals.

Take home message

Not all car repair tasks are a piece of cake. Most of these may seem simple and repairing them yourself may appear to be a good way to save some money. However, it’s dangerous to overlook these repairs. They require a trained eye to spot hidden damages and special equipment to fix. You might also not be able to take the appropriate safety steps too. It’s better to leave the job of tire rotation, and spin balancing, A/C fill-ins, and windshield repair to the pros. Let them handle the transmission, car bodywork, airbags, and paint touch-ups as well.

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