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Six Latest Car Technological Innovations Everybody Should Try



Let’s be honest – not all technological innovations in the automotive world are strictly relevant, for example, heated cup holders. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be a reason to dismiss the arrival of all innovations. Below is a list of the six latest features that offer extra benefits to ownership or driving experience. Whether it concerns entertainment, safety, or luxury, these six have new experiences to offer.

1.Blind Spot Monitors

One of the disadvantages of cars becoming safer over the years is that driver concentration has deteriorated. You can thank the extra bodywork needed to house crash protection structures and airbags. Blindspot monitors aid the driver in improving visibility and awareness (using a light indicator in the wing mirror) when a separate car is positioned over your shoulder. The newest systems also use rear cross-traffic signals to alert you if a vehicle is about to cross you as you reverse from parking.

2.Heated Steering Wheel

Unlike heated cupholders, a heated steering wheel offers reasonable benefits and is worth the purchase. With the boost of heated seats, you can feel good even on the coldest mornings. Even though it may sound like a feature found only in luxury cars, it is actually available in a wide range of vehicles.

3.Head-Up Display

Here, we are talking about the wholly integrated systems that project a car’s satellite navigation commands and speed on the windscreen. This is better than the cheaper alternative of a flimsy plastic panel that flips up from the dashboard. The reason for this feature is to minimize the time drivers spend away looking away from the road. With this feature, the driver has a clearer idea of how fast the vehicle is moving.

4.Reversing Camera

Even with excellent visibility, cars can benefit from a reversing camera. The camera is mounted on the back of the vehicle, and its purpose is to project whatever may be behind your car. Depending on your preferences, you can find the best camera for you from EyeRide products. This product makes reversing your car both comfortable and safe.

5.Android Auto/Apple Car Play

This Apple Car Play/Android Auto car feature puts your smartphone into a vehicle as part of any initially installed system by the manufacturer. This is because of the restricted features, simple user interface, and larger icons offered by these innovations. Also, with such a feature, you no longer need to spend a lot of money upgrading a factory-installed GPS.

6.Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Getting involved in an accident is not common, yet it is easy to do. The slightest loss of concentration on the road can lead to an unexpected collision with other road users. Whether the accident is major or minor, there are still repairs to organize and insurance forms to complete. By using a radar or camera to keep an eye on the road, low-speed AEB systems can decrease the likelihood of future collisions by automatically activating the brake with the slightest detection of impact.

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