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These four ways will help you burn the face fat

Do you often stop and ask yourself  “Have I loved myself today?” In running the race against time we have lost track on taking care of ourselves and this self-care begins with taking care of this temple that you call the body. You can be one of those people who exercise regularly yet miss out on losing face fat. Are you one of those who desire that firm, sharp jawline? Are you still stuck to mythical methods like chewing gum?

Well then! It is essential for you to now move onto more effective and better alternative —“Yoga”. Yoga is not just a way to connect with your inner self but also a way to get rid of all the unnecessary layers. If you’re a person of patience and willpower then Yoga is for you and if not well then nothing will do any good to you. Face yoga is different than other yoga, they look funny, they sound funny but show lasting effects. So get your yoga mattresses as we bring you top four yoga poses for your face to get slim.

Fish face

This widely known pose also known as the smiling fish face is one of the most effective yoga poses to get rid of that flabby layer under your chin. Double chin is one of the main reasons why our jawline doesn’t seem as sharp as it should. This yoga pose uses the entire face muscles as you will feel while doing it.

Sit on your knees on the yoga mattress. Rest your arms on your knees. Suck in your cheeks and hold them gently between your teeth. This will make your lips form a fish like a mouth hence the name fish face. Now hold and try smiling for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 7-8 times.

Lip pull

This yoga pose is helpful in making your cheekbones prominent and in making the jawline firm and visible.

This yoga can be performed either in a sitting or standing position. For this keep your face in a normal position now stretch out your lower jaw and lips and hold in this position for 10 seconds. repeat this exercise 10-12 times. You might look like piranha while doing this exercise but it’s worth every funny face made. You will feel your chin muscles stretching during this exercise. Do does not pull out the lower jaw to such an extent that it results in pain.

Lion face

This pose is not just an effective fat burner but is also known to cure a sore throat. Start by sitting in a relaxed position on your knees with your arms resting on your knees. Breathe in and then stick out your tongue as much as possible while making roars like a lion from your throat. This process will lead to an automatic exhalation. Perform only three repeats in one session.

Pout face

By doing this again you get prominent cheekbones and jawline. You can do this pose while sitting or standing. Just form your lips in the shape of a pout, hold for 2-3 seconds and then relax. Variations to this exercise can be by doing the same while looking up and the same while looking onto your side. Thus, through this exercise, you not only make your cheek muscles work but also your chin muscles.

Apart from this one has to take care of the fact that they keep their skin hydrated and the best way to do so is by drinking lots of water. A spray of rose water on your skin can also help you keep your skin hydrated. Eat fresh and healthy and chant “Om”.


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