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Top 3 Technological Advancements to Notice in Storage Units



It can be seen that the self-storage industry has witnessed a huge change within the few decades. As per the statistical data provided by the, the self-storage market value to about $31.6 billion in the year 2015. These results show an increase of 386% increase from the year 2007, the figure reported by the Census Bureau on the self-storage industry. As per the latest data of statistics, it is seen that there is a huge increase in the number of public storage facilities in the United States in the last 12 years.

However, as this industry has grown, the competition has also become too tough. Now, it is very difficult to distinguish between the self-storage businesses from the overall competition. It is like the fact that each day a new clean cost-effective storage facility opens anywhere in the town. How will you make yourself different from others?

To make your business apart from others, it is your duty to make your facility safe and secured than others. It should also provide good monitoring solutions as well as a convenient entry for the users. There are many other technological advancements you can see at the storage units that will not only provide the best security to the users but also help them to manage the items in the right manner. Check out some of the latest technologies you can see in the upcoming storage units-

  1. Wireless Alarm Technologies

The wireless alarm systems are the best solutions for the self-storage facilities. The wireless alarm helps the storage managers to place the alarm at one place on the door, assign it to a specific unit and then start using it. These wireless systems also help in providing the facility of the real-time communication throughout the storage facility. As these systems are wireless, they are very easy to install at any place as you required. They have a long battery life. The wireless alarms are great to upgrade the security facility at the storage unit. If you are having your own storage facility, you can install the wireless alarm inside the units to ensure better security and safety.

  1. Electronic Looks and Controls

The electronic look system has gone a long way after the inception. The electronic looks and the controls have helped in maintaining the higher level of security at the storage unit. Some type of electronic looks does directly fit inside the doors. The design helps in making the lock much more difficult to break or defeat. Even some of the electronic locks can be open by using the PTI keypad at the storage gate. These locks can also be monitored with the help of software application.

  1. The Remote Storage Management Application

One of the greatest changes in the self-storage unit is the use of the remote storage management apps from your smartphones. With the help of these apps, you can easily manage the storage facility just with your palm. These apps help in reducing the labor cost and technical management is always good as compared to the manual storage management. These applications also help in enhancing the accessibility.

These are the three most popular technical advancements you can witness at the storage units. No matter what type of storage you are choosing, whether it is public storage Honolulu or in any other place, you should check whether it has all the security facilities or not.

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