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Types Of Office Partitions | What Kind Of Office Screen Can We Find? | Modern Modular Partition Systems



They are one of the favorite separation elements nowadays because they offer many advantages for offices. They are made entirely of glass and let in light and allow us to see completely inside. Nowadays they are one of the most requested options although their price is somewhat more expensive since they bring a lot of transparency and help to create a more modern and modern design in the offices.

Mixed office partition

Are those that combine melamine and glass to create a separation in which there are windows in this way costs are lower but we have some of the advantages provided by transparent screens as the best use of light. They also offer greater privacy depending on the requirements of each moment, which is an advantage for example for a directional office.

Blind office partition

They are those screens that completely close a space and do not let us see. They are made of melamine and can have all kinds of finishes simulating wood or colors depending on our taste and budget. They are perfect for creating isolated spaces both visually and acoustically as offices or meeting rooms.

Other types of divisions for office

Office Screens

When you want to keep an open space but at the same time offer some privacy the screens are the perfect solution. They also have the advantage that they can move according to the needs of each moment and adapt to the work we are doing. They exist in different materials that offer different characteristics and greater or lesser noise absorption. And with all kinds of design and colors to bring a little joy to the office.

Divider panels.

This type of division is used for spaces where group work is required but at the same time some acoustic and visual isolation is needed. Thus, the tables have panels that separate them from the rest of the classmates. This type of divisions can be in methacrylate, melamine or fabric offering each one of them different capacities of visual and sound insulation so it is necessary to evaluate each specific position and define the best possible option.

All these elements help us to get in the office the perfect integration between the different positions covering their needs for privacy and acoustic isolation. This is essential so that the work can be done efficiently and also to make people feel comfortable in their position. Therefore, the first thing is to go to a specialist and plan very well the needs of each job in order to get the most out of the potential that the screens and the rest of the dividing elements provide us. Thanks for reading and happy week.

The biggest benefit with the office partition is that you save the expenditure for doors and windows and also save money on walls that are barely chest high in the cubicles. Wall partitions can be wooden, processed wood, metal, glass, aluminium and gypsum and each on their own right have qualities that suit an office building or home. Wooden partitions will need maintenance such as painting and glass partitions can engineer accidents though visibility improves. The processed wood has the tendency to bloat when it becomes wet hence is not versatile. Some or waterproof and some fire proof so you need to make a balance and choose so all your requirements are fulfilled with your choice. A home in need of more space due to increase in the number of inhabitants can use the gypsum or aluminium partition and the wood work will produce a classic look to your setup and make it look elegant.


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