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VMDK a Disk Read Error Occurred- Wants To Recover VMDK Data?



vmdk a disk read error occurred

“Hello everyone! When I try to start my virtual machine I got a message like this “ A disk read error occurred”. I am very panic this time because this VMDK file contains my official data. I want to save and recover my important items from VMDK file. Can anyone tell how can I recover my valuable data? Your help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!”

If the above query seems to be familiar with you and if you are facing the same problem of VMDK a disk read error occurred then you are at the right place and. I will suggest you read the entire article. This will help you to recover your most valuable data from the VMDK file. We will discuss the various possible reasons why the user is facing the VMDK a disk read error occurred the problem. And we will provide you with the automated solution to restore data from the VMDK files.

More About Virtualisation and VMDK File

Virtualisation can be defined as it is the process of creating a virtual rather than original such as virtual operating system, a server or storage devices. Each virtual machine can interact independently and run different operating systems. This allows to run multiple guest operating system on host operating system.

VMDK stands for virtual machine disk file created by Vmware software. It’s an open file format, mostly used by the cloud computing and virtualisation. Basically, VMDK file is used to store all the information of virtual machine. If the corruption occurs in the VMDK file then the user has to face this error.

Reasons Why User Has to Face VMDK A Disk Read Error Occurred Problem

Here is the reason why the user has to face the disk read error issue-

  1. Due to incorrect or invalid MBR configuration such as a disk write errors.
  2. IDE cables failing.
  3. Virus attacks.
  4. Power Outages.
  5. Issues with your computer BIOS versions.

Note- If the user is facing this VMDK a disk read error occurred issue it means that the virtual machine disk file may be corrupted but the user does not need to worry about this situation.
If the corruption occurs in the VMDK file then the user can take help of the professional solution to recover data from the VMDK files.

Automated Solution If The User is Facing VMDK a Disk Read Error Occurred Problem

This method helps to recover the data from the VMDK file. This VMware File Recovery software is an industry-leading solution to recover the data from the severely corrupt VMDK file. This software is simply boon for the users. This software is smartly programmed and built with a powerful set of algorithms to solve the corruption issues of VMDK file. Vmware recovery software is designed in such a way so that technical and non-technical users can easily use this software easily.

Here are some most important features of this software:

  1. Efficient recover data from corrupt / damaged VMDK file.
  2. Option to recover data from Static as well as Dynamic VMDK file.
  3. There is no file size limitation to recover data from VMDK file.
  4. Provide Option to scan and preview data of multiple VMDK files.
  5. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows version.

Follow the certain steps to recover data from the VMDK file

  • Download and Run the software
  • Click on scan button on the left pane.
  • Now Select the scan for Virtual machine option and browse its location.
  • Now select the virtual machine folder and click on OK button.
  • Click OK to save the scanned report in CSV format.
  • Preview the contents of VMDK file items.

Wrapping Up

From the above write up we have discussed the VMDK a disk read error occurred the problem. We have given the various possible reasons of this error and if the user is in fear of losing their valuable data in that case user can take the help of Vmware recovery software to recover most important and valuable items.

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