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Warning Signs That Calls for Replacing and Buying a New Mattress

Having a restful sleep in the night is not only a crucial requirement but also well deserved after the tiring journey and hassles you go through the entire day. Besides, ensuring a good and consistent sleeping pattern is necessary in order to ensure that you wake up refreshed in the morning with your body filled with energy. However, what if you are having sleeping problems and facing issues like daytime sleepiness at your workplace? According to the National Sleep Foundation that conducted the Sleep in America study, it was revealed that almost seventy-five percent of adults go through a broad spectrum of sleeping problems.

While medical and health conditions can lead to sleeping problems, there are high chances that it is your mattress, which is accountable for the restlessness you are feeling lately. Here are some of the symptoms that will confer you with the right impression that it is time to replace and purchase a new sleeping mattress:

Your Mattress Is More than 7 Years Old

As per reports, it has been found that the normal lifespan of a mattress is roughly around eight years, although this number keeps on varying owing to a wide range of reasons. For instance, whether you are sleeping alone or with a partner, as well as, your sleeping pattern, everything counts in the daily wear and tear of the mattress. Mattresses were not accoutered with immortality and even the highest quality fabric needs to be replaced eventually. Hence, if you find that your mattress has reached its age, it is time to buy a new mattress.

Your Mattress Is Overly Worn

In case you find a dent in your existing mattress that imitates the shape and contour of your body, it is a clear signal highlighting that your mattress has turned extremely saggy. For more information on such conditions, you can log into websites such as This overly worn nature of mattress takes place because of the breakdown of the springs and the signs can be clearly observed at the edges along with the area where you lie down. According to the experts who study sleeping patterns and disorders, the deeper the sag in your mattress, the more uncomfortable you will feel while lying down on it.

Your Mattress Is Not Supporting Spine Alignment

Irrespective of the age of your mattress or the brand, if it is not able to contour your spine area and render the required comfort and back support, you will never experience a good night’s sleep. If your mattress is exaggerated or flattened and not supporting the natural S curve, the spine alignment with the padding will not be possible. Even though a good pillow might troubleshoot the issue, if there is a well-defined gap in between our body and mattress, consider it as a red flag and buy a new mattress.

Breakage of the Comfort Layers

It might sound a thing of common sense to say that your mattress might feel uncomfortable, but it has a comprehensive theory behind it. The upper portion of your mattress is decked up with comfort layers that are braced to confer optimum body support and pressure relief. Once these layers break down, you will feel body aches and discomfort that will result in poor sleep.


Replacing your mattress requires a thorough research, as well as, to be mindful of the existing problems that you are facing with your existing mattress. Keep an eye on these signs and if you find any of them, it is time to replace and purchase a new comfy mattress.

Author Bio: Siliva Watson is a freelance content writer. She has written many good and informative articles on different categories such health, fashion, travel etc. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger with

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