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why choosing a local web development company is the right choice for small businesses

Websites are an essential component of any online business venture, that’s an established fact and there’s plenty of resources talking about benefits of a website for an online business. So, we can just agree to this point and move ahead.

What we will be discussing here is why you need to hire a local web development company for your website. Most of the businesses, especially small and local businesses don’t understand the technicalities and implications of hiring a web development company. What they are mostly concerned with is the limited budget and agree to any web development agency anywhere in the world that quotes the lowest bid.

That’s a dangerous choice to make, seriously! Web development isn’t an overnight task, and it certainly can’t be redone easily. That’s why you need to be sure about the functionality and technical aspects of your website the very first time.

Here we will be looking at the reason why we think local web Development Company is the best choice for small and local businesses.


–           They are located in the same time zone

Skipping the technicalities, for now, let’s just concentrate on simple things that can go terribly wrong. Working in same time zones might not be the first thought or any requisite for most businesses looking for a web development company.

However, this certainly has its large implications. For instance, a web development company Auckland that you hired will be working in utterly odd hours than your time zone (let’s suppose you are located in Canada). The different time zones will disrupt the line of communication, which in turn will result in unnecessary delays as well as an understanding of the project scope.

Alternatively, a web development company located in your time zone means you can clearly communicate with each other and both of you stay on the same page with respect to the project scope and functionality of the website. Thus, you can expect a timely and functional website for your business.


–           You can visit them

This is yet another great advantage of having a local web development company. Many times especially at the beginning of the project, it is necessary to sit along with the development guys and brief them about your expectations and inspirations. This can’t happen with an off-shore company and even though some might argue that the meeting can take place over video calls, but that’s another story and while we are talking about small businesses, face to face talks presents the best interaction medium.

–           They can relate to market

This is perhaps the best and most pressing reason why I never trust off-shore development companies for my websites. Just imagine, I have to make a website for my local bakery in Auckland and I decided to hire a Canadian business for the job. Even if the company is proficient and tremendously sound technical, they can never replicate the experience and understanding of the market by a local web development Auckland firm. A local company will definitely understand the trends, patterns, and preferences for local customers and thus, they can come up with a strong and data-backed website that is well-suited to the local market.


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