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Detailed overview of MBA in Digital Media Management Career Paths



The boom of digital media is obvious across the globe and plays a crucial role in communication, broadcasting and public relations with various platforms. The emerging industry is highly sought after shaping new careers due to which digital media is now taught as a complete subject in many universities under bachelors and masters degree programme.

MBA in Digital Media Management is an amazing degree programme for all those enthusiastic students and professionals who wish to step into the media industry be it print, electronic or digital. Although short courses and standalone certifications in animation and various disciplines of media are offered by different institutions, a masters degree is far more comprehensive with every course taught in detail.

Prerequisites for MBA in Digital Media Marketing

For enrolment in the programme, all you need is a bachelor’s degree with no particular requisite however, relevancy would be helpful for students in advancing their expertise. In addition, possible requirement of a professional resume’ and acceptable Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score are other possible requisites. Prior work experience may be necessary but isn’t a compulsory thing for enrolment.

Since digital media marketing is an emerging field and advancing at a rapid pace, not all universities offer a masters degree programme against this industry and those that do only have on-campus faculty, means no online degree option. The degree takes two years to complete for students who enrol in full-time programme.


Digital media management MBA teaches how to execute communication and strategize through books, newspapers, magazines, internet, social media and many other digital platforms. The programme also covers how to manipulate digital media for social services, politics, entertainment, advertisement and broadcasting purpose in the best possible way.

Some other aspects of the degree would cover on modern publishing techniques used for production and designing digital copies and publications of books and magazines. Since its MBA, you’ll be taking a few courses of business, finance and management. Some of the most common courses you’re likely to find in MBA programmes in Saudi Arabia are;

  • Media laws of entertainment
  • International business
  • Book publishing ethics
  • Branding and promotion
  • Multimedia production and design
  • Consumer ethics
  • Digital media research and consumerism

Real-world application of the degree

A masters degree in digital media management would take you further in the industry of marketing and advertisement for a particular organisation and online ad designing. You’ll learn how to use text and images for convincing customers as well as how they can collaborate to form a complete message.

One may find a competitive career in public relations where you’d be responsible for client management, convey the message through interactive images and press release writing. You’re likely to publish books, magazines, newspapers as well as editing for digital publication in collaboration with other writers and editors.

Alternative career options

Alternate careers include degree holder to work with or as a web developer which includes complete development of websites, designing pages, layouts, logos and artwork for different companies and individual needs. Graphic designer, computer programmer and art director are some other roles you might be playing after obtaining an MBA degree in digital media management.

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